Industry Providers

"I first met Tracie in 2014 at an ARAMA function. While she had yet to purchase her first management rights it was obvious she had done her homework and was approaching her entry into the industry very seriously and professionally. Her attendance at a function held by the peak industry body prior to her purchase demonstrated a level of commitment not often seen in new buyers.

Tracie subsequently acquired the Management Rights to the Grosvenor Apartments later that year and set about rewriting, in some cases quite literally, the manner in which a resident manager should interact with owners and tenants.  Tracie demonstrated from the outset a very strong ability to implement effective and efficient management and caretaking systems within her property while building an exceptionally positive relationship with the body corporate. That relationship was clearly demonstrated in the support she received when requesting assistance from the owners and also in the feedback the BC provided. I was fortunate enough to be privy to some of that correspondence and I think it’s fair to say that I have not seen a more harmonious relationship in more than 25 years in the management rights industry.

For new entrants to the industry I think a mentor is essential. From establishing new systems to managing the BC relationship Tracie brings both a strong technical knowledge and a conciliatory and positive attitude. I would not hesitate to recommend her services. "

Mike Phipps   Director   PHIPPS FINANCE PTY LTD

"We acted for Tracie through her period of management rights ownership.

She is one of the most organised and professional resident managers we have ever acted for.  Her capabilities reflected in every aspect of her management rights business – from the ease she had dealing with her committee, her friendliness with all owners and the references she was given by tenants as a property manager.

I have no doubt that if her clients listen to her she will help create the harmonious relationships she did.

I highly recommend her to each side of the strata fence (managers and committees) and am willing to expand on this reference verbally if ever needed."

Frank Higginson   Director   HYNES LEGAL

“I was introduced to Tracie through Mike Phipps Finance as the lender to assist her in purchasing the Management Rights to Grosvenor Apartments. From our first meeting Tracie struck me as an exceptionally organised person with amazing insight into what would be the critical areas of focus, for her success. Her approach to the organisation and presentation of data for the upcoming application made this process extremely easy.

During Tracie’s remaining relationship with the Bank, it was clear that her continued professionalism and understanding of business management assisted her in transforming the operation of her building and greatly improved the relationship that she was able to foster with all stakeholders.  

It was a pleasure dealing with Tracie, her enthusiasm, professionalism and work ethic are second to none. I would certainly recommend her services and advise to any operator within the industry.”

Cameron Wicking    Credit Representative   PHIPPS FINANCE PTY LTD

"In my now 5 year role in the marketing and sale of management & letting rights businesses, I have not seen a properly systemised business like I did when Tracie Sakrzewski was operating The Grosvenor Apartments at 12 Edward Street, Brisbane City between 2014 & 2017. 

In fact, even in my former life as Owner of Australian Valuers, a specialist management & letting rights valuation firm, did I/we see businesses set up to the level that Tracie had achieved at The Grosvenor during her three-year tenure. 

To me, this level of systemised structure should be the ‘norm’, however, this is generally not the case.

I recommend Tracie highly, now in her consultancy role, as someone who can not only help and guide clients but someone who has the expertise and background to make your business and in-turn, your life better!"

Greg Jorgensen   Management Rights Sales Broker   MR SALES

Management Rights Owners

"Having worked within the management rights industry for over two decades, it is refreshing to encounter an individual like Tracie Sakrzewski with her enthusiasm, upbeat personality and inspiring work ethic.  Tracie is efficient, punctual and dedicated with a pronounced focus on customer service.  I understand that this stems from her past careers spent catering to a wide breadth of people in various positions in the Hospitality sector. This prior experience clearly shows and, in my opinion, has set her up well for the roles of Building & Property Management work she is now performing as a Consultant. 

Tracie has been a refreshing breath of fresh air injected into our operations a most welcome addition to the team.  She has worked for me in the capacity of Relief Building Manager and Senior Property Manager over the past 4 months at my three buildings located at Newstead (Unison at Waterfront) and Kelvin Grove (Zest Apartments).  Her expertise and professionalism have helped us through a very busy few months. 

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tracie.  Please contact me if you need anything further."


Body Corporate 

"It is with the greatest pleasure that I provide this reference for Tracie Sakrzewski, our previous resident building manager for The Grosvenor Apartments.

In my role as the Body Corporate Chairman for the past 9 years and have worked closely with Tracie for three of those years.  Tracie is an outstanding individual and competent business operator, the service she delivers reflects her true professionalism.

Tracie was instrumental in the successful delivery of numerous projects that were long overdue. Resurfacing the 1000m outdoor carpark and replacement of our building’s lifts were mammoth undertakings – both of which were exceptionally well orchestrated particularly considering the logistics involved whilst ensuring minimal disruption to our residents and adjoining businesses who utilised these crucial facilities.

She also went well above and beyond in terms of long term energy and cost savings involving replacement of the entire building’s common area lighting with energy efficient LED fittings (this included 5 levels of carpark, 8 plant & equipment rooms, two fire escapes & lift foyers over 28 levels), a project that delivered a massive $31K saving on common area energy costs over a 12 month period.  Tracie also implemented numerous preventative maintenance schedules and programs that allowed for greater visibility and tracking of the building’s core services and infrastructure.

I can honestly say that under Tracie’s tenure as caretaker for our building, our property has never looked better or been as well cared for.  The Body Corporate Committee and Strata Managers had never before been provided with such comprehensive building reports! Tracie poured as much effort into making sure that we were kept well informed of what was happening within the building as she did in delivering her outstanding service. I can confidently speak for the entire Body Corporate Committee when I say that we felt exceptionally fortunate to have Tracie looking after our building. Knowing that she was at the helm gave us peace of mind that everything to do with running and maintaining the building was in the most capable of hands. 

It is with absolute certainty that I know Tracie will be successful in whatever venture she undertakes in the future, bringing the same energy and passion she displayed here at the Grosvenor Apartments. 

I have zero hesitation in recommending Tracie to Body Corporate Committees, Body Corporate Strata Managers and other Building Managers & Management Rights Owners."

Margaret Walker   Former Body Corporate Chairman   GROSVENOR APARTMENTS

“I have known Tracie Sakrzewski since early January 2015 when Tracie purchased the Management Rights to the Grosvenor Apartments - Brisbane CTS 24652, located in the Brisbane CBD. Since then she has operated as the onsite Building Manager monitoring the day-to-day operations in the building. 

The Grosvenor Apartments site is a complex Body Corporate structure and Tracie immediately displayed an energetic management strategy and 'gained a grip' on all of the multi-faceted operations in the building, showing considerable skills of problem solving, and innovation.

Further, she has developed and maintained excellent working relationships with all of the professional contractors who provide the many different services to the Body Corporate, such as Lift System Maintenance, Fire Safety provision and Electrical Maintenance, just to name a few.

Tracie has also established and maintained a very effective working relationship with all members of the Body Corporate Committee, an essential skill as this is the governing body of the Body Corporate under the Queensland legislation.

On a personal level, Tracie is a warm, friendly, articulate and business-like person displaying a positive outlook which has endeared her to not only Committee Members, but to all Lot Owners in the complex. These attributes have also enabled me and other sections of our Body Corporate Management Company to establish firm and efficient management practices for the Body Corporate.

Tracie displays strong attention to detail and accuracy of reporting, the latter being borne out by the very comprehensive periodic management reports she provides to the Committee Meetings.

Should anyone reading this testimonial wish further information or detail regarding Tracie's skills and abilities in her position as a Building Manager, I can be contacted on (07) 3620  0600.”

Terry Jose   Senior Body Corporate Manager   ERNST BODY CORPORATE MANAGEMENT

“We residents of Grosvenor in Brisbane were very fortunate to have Tracie Saks as our building manager for over 2 years.  Tracie is hard working , reliable, cheerful,  and was very popular with the residents.  She maintained our building to a very high standard, and introduced efficient systems and many cost savings .  We were all very sorry to lose Tracie, and I wish her all the best in her future business interests.“

Debra Huntley   Body Corporate Chairman   GROSVENOR APARTMENTS

“I am pleased to be able to furnish a letter of recommendation for Tracie Sakrzewski, Building Manager of The Grosvenor Apartments. As a Committee member I can attest to Tracie's efficient handling of all matters that have arisen and resolution of outstanding matters carried over from the previous management.  Tracie carries out her role in an impartial manner favouring no one and at all times indicating her responsibility is to the body corporate as a whole. This has ensured the apartment complex is up to date with all regulations, certificates and after a thorough review of maintenance, identified several areas for improvement.

I have noted that Tracie is calm in the face of emergencies as evidenced in the lift breakdown, quick to action safety concerns as in the episode of the exit stairs being dangerously slippery and also going the extra mile when the television reception breaks down on a Sunday afternoon. This I believe is a testament to her strength of character, her commitment to service delivery and her suitability to the management role.

Tracie is a wonderful addition to the community at Grosvenor Apartments and I have no hesitation in adding my thanks to the wonderful service she has and continued to provide.”

Kim Saunderson   Body Corporate Committee Member   GROSVENOR APARTMENTS  

“Tracie Sakrzewski has been managing The Grosvenor since January 2015 with exemplary efficiency. As a member of the Body Corp I value the efficiency, thoughtfulness and organisation Tracie brings to the meetings.  Tracie has been managing very complex upgrades, refurbishments and repairs all with great skill and we are fully informed of works by a manager who has a thorough understanding of all the issues. Tracie is always available and contactable and I value her ability and kindness.”

Heidi Morris   Body Corporate Committee Member   GROSVENOR APARTMENTS

“I wish to offer my total support for Tracie Sakrzewski who is the building manager for the Grosvenor Apartments Edward Street Brisbane. Tracie has a very sound relationship with the Body Corporate Committee of which I am a member. Tracie handles her duties in an exemplary and professional manner. I can thoroughly recommend her.”

Michael Pherous   Body Corporate Committee Member   GROSVENOR APARTMENTS 

“I am pleased to confirm that I have every confidence in your capabilities in the role, and am happy to commend the very good work that you have performed since becoming the Property Manager at the Grosvenor.”

Alan Jones   Body Corporate Secretary   GROSVENOR APARTMENTS

“They’re the most comprehensive and detailed caretaker’s reports I’ve ever seen – bar none.”

Dan Moy   Strata Manager   BCS

Building Residents (Owners & Tenants)

“Ms. Tracie Sakrzewski was such a breath of fresh air when she took over the management of "The Grosvenor", 12 Edward Street, Brisbane.  In contrast, Tracie initiated many improvements in a cheerful and efficient manner and has always been most pleasant while attending to the management needs of us, as apartment owners.  We could not believe our luck.  Tracie always gets back as soon as possible to answer any query.  She does not dodge difficult issues but finds solutions promptly in a calm and fair manner.  As Manager, Tracie has done just that, MANAGED. As a longdistance owner her services and contributions have been manifold, all delivered without resentment and with expedition.  Age does not always mean a person has a mature attitude but with Tracie there is no nonsense, no game scoring, no lack of decisiveness.  I feel I can recommend her services without reservation.”  


“Once again Tracie you have gone above and beyond your managerial role at the Grosvenor and I am truly very appreciative of this. Most building managers if faced with a problem like this outside their responsibilities would have acted very differently and this is just a testament to the sort of person you are and your work ethic.”

Just to reiterate on all the improvements that have been done to the Grosvenor.  You are doing an outstanding job and the building and owners are lucky to have such a motivated manager.  Thank you for all your hard work from the Chues!!!”  

E Chue

“Thanks Tracie for an excellent year of high quality management and attention to details – enhancing the value of our property!!!”

“We will miss you Tracie. Thanks for your due diligence in caring for us.  All agree you were the best. Take care and may you have even greater success in your future undertakings.”  

E & H Lee 

“Thank you Tracie. Your hard work at Grosvenor shows.  It is a pleasure to drop and see how well it is being maintained.”  

M Read

“Hi Tracie - I am sorry to see you go, three years was a good innings. You certainly served the owners with the very best a building manager could offer, you are leaving Grosvenor building in very good shape.  I wish you the best in your future.”  

B George

“Dear Tracie, I am sad to know that you will leave us but understand that we all move on in our lives.  Thank you for taking care of us and solving our problems many times when we have been overseas.  Wishing you all the best in the future.”  

K & A Pearson

“Hi Tracie, all the best for the future and thank you for all your help over the last 3 years.  You've been without a doubt the best building manager and letting agent we have ever dealt with.”  

D & K Cutting

“Not only are you doing the right thing in your role as manager - you are impressive and fantastic in this role. We are so lucky to have you. Keep up the good work - it is much appreciated.”

M Sheehan

“Hi Tracie, I was just speaking to another long term owner of a unit in Grosvenor today who told me what a fabulous job you do in managing the Grosvenor.  Well done !!”  

P Barrett   FDIA 

“I shall sorely miss your guidance and professionalism Tracie.  You leave an extremely well run building. Due to your major improvements I feel that everything possible to ensure our comfort and security has been done by you.  I hope you have a rewarding downtime before taking on your next challenge. I know you shall be successful.”  

Wendy McT

“Tracie, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the past 18 months. I could not have selected a better place to live in Brisbane.  Your support while I was moving in till my departure has been absolutely first class. You were a joy to deal with and as a USA citizen living in Australia you helped me out with any questions that I had. My selection of the Grosvenor apartment was heavily influenced by my dealings with you. You made me feel welcome from the first time I met you. You may remember that you let me wait in your apartment while the floor dried in Apt 1404. That allowed me to see the apartment on the day that was planned.  Thank you again for all of your help and friendship.  Good luck in the future.”  

Ross Jacobs   Chief Financial Officer   BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA

 “Over the past 6 years we have lived in 4 different rental properties with 4 different leasing agents and 2 different building managers when we were in units. Without hesitation, we regard Tracie Sakrzewski as the best leasing agent and building manager we have encountered. Tracie is highly responsive to any and all nature of requests and gets things done. Her approach is warm but professional. We would highly recommend Tracie to any landlord, tenant or body corporate.”  

M Hui  Hui Lawyers

“My wife and I leased an apartment in the Grosvenor at 12 Edward Street, Brisbane for approximately 3 years.  For the last year, Tracie has taken over the management role for the building.  I have nothing but praise for her efficiency and capability.  Tracie is hard working and attentive to detail in every respect in relation to the operation and management of the building.  She undertook many improvements that were long overdue.  She is fastidious in looking after the interests of owners of units while at the same time, being pleasant to deal with as a tenant.”  

M Landis  Partner A&L GATES

Service Providers

“Tracie, on behalf of KONE I would like to thank you for being a delightful and understanding client, it has been great working with you.  We wish you the very best for the future.”  

Tony Dowdle   Service Operations Manager Brisbane CBD & Metropolitan Area   KONE ELEVATORS

“Hi Tracie, thank you for being such a great person to deal with over the last couple of years.  I wish all the building managers I deal with were like you, makes my job easier and enjoyable.  Best of luck where ever the future takes you.”  

Col Williamson  Owner   CHEMDRY PROCLEAN

Business Colleagues

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