Solution Providers for Management Rights Owners & Building Managers


No one knows your property better than you.  If you’re run off your feet we can help establish systems and workflows that will give you some of that time back in your day to focus on what matters to you and the people you work for.  Grow your business and get the best return for your hard-earned investment.  Or free up more time to spend with your family, out of the office or get away on that holiday you haven’t gotten around to. We are here to help!


For newcomers to the Building Management & Caretaking industry, we can help you with your start-up period to provide a smooth transition from the previous Owner.  We’ll examine your duties and work with you to establish building maintenance schedules and comprehensive Body Corporate Committee reporting for your complex.  For established Managers, we can assist by looking at things from a new perspective, or help get your business looking sharp and ready for sale.


  • New buyer’s advocate (assist with purchase process & attend site inspections with or on behalf of prospective MLR purchasers)
  • Peruse caretaking agreements and other information available to review duties & establish best work practices
  • Handover training & induction programs for Building Managers
  • Review building infrastructure & caretaking requirements to establish maintenance schedules
  • Establish building handbook for resident owner/occupiers
  • Recommend operational improvements, efficiencies & revenue-producing initiatives
  • Build a support network through introductions to experienced industry professionals & trades
  • Establish comprehensive Body Corporate Committee reporting
  • Body Corporate and Building Manager liaison to build harmonious working relationships
  • Assist preparation for sale for prospective purchasers to support and demonstrate a well-run business



Fixed fee or hourly rates negotiated based upon scope of works.


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